How to Make a Random Wire Antenna: Altoids Tin For Ham Radio

I recently found myself thinking of ways to make something out of an Altoids Tin that is Ham Radio related. In one of my recent post, I showed off my pixie kit. Today, I bring you……………….

How To Make a Random Wire Antenna With an Altoids Tin

Okay, so here are the materials I used:

  • Altoids Tin
  • 9:1 UnUn (google it)
  • 2x binding post
  • BNC panel mount
  • random length of wire (as the title suggests)



This Antenna will require some sort of a tuner. I personally used the MFJ-971. You can probably receive okay without a tuner but I would not try to TX unless you are using an antenna tuner. Most internal tuners will tune 6m-40m.

How to Build It

I wont go into the details but the pictures should be self explanatory. Just make some holes to house the BNC connectors and binding post. The hardest part of this project is building the 9:1 unun. There is a whole science behind it. Google is your friend. I learned how to build this from John M0UKD





I really like the fact of using a single piece of wire and a radio to be able to make contacts either nearby or around the world. As mentioned in the title, this antenna will require a random length of wire. What type of wire do you ask? Well, any type of wire that is available to you. You can gather up some wire from old telephone wire or internet cable. I have a local electronic store that sells wire at $.08 cents per foot. Or you could just buy some wire on ebay. I would suggest using about 30 feet of wire.


How to Use It

Grab a Random Length of wire, connect it to the red binding post. If you really want to, you can connect a counterpoise to the black binding post. Doing this may give you a better signal. Connect to a radio to the bnc connector, hoist this antenna into a tree, and you are on the air! Remember you will need a tuner!



Don’t Want to Build it? Buy It!

I made a few that I am selling in my ebay store. People have left good feedback and they are happy with their purchase. My Ebay Store



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