Pixie 2 Enhanced Kit: What you Need to Know


A while back, I wrote about the Ultimate QRP Radio. In it, I talked about a small Chinese 40M QRP radio that cost lest than a Frappuccino at Starbucks. Really. I paid $3.49 at the time. I think you can get them for less than $3 now.diy-radio-40m-cw-shortwave-transmitter-qrp-pixie-kit-receiver-7-023-7-026mhz-d-ebay

Since then I built the radio and I got hooked. I have seen videos of contacts made over 1,000 miles with this little radio. That is cool! I have ordered a couple more to keep me busy, and out of trouble. The fact that something so small can do so much really fascinates me.

Eye Candy

Here are some pictures of my QRP rig that I built….

qrp pixie 2
I took this radio on a small hiking trip. It takes little to no space in a backpack.

qrp pixie 4qrp pixie 3

qrp pixie 5
This newer version of the pixie has two sets of leads. One for the power, and one for the antenna.
qrp pixie
A Complete QRP, pocket portable radio.

qrp pixie 6

I built this radio inside an altoids tin and it serves two purposes.

  1. It protects the radio from being crushed
  2. The Aluminum tin protects the radio from outside interference

New Projects Coming Up

As the title reads, The Pixie 2 Enhanced kit is my new QRP kit.. This is a 300mW / 40m / CW Kit. I bought two of them just because. Make sure you come back soon to read my full review and some builder tips on the Pixie 2 Enhanced Kit.




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