40m QRP: The Best of HF Comms

Do the Math

Yaesu FT-817 “QRP Radio” = $679.99

QRP Kit = $30

Knowledge of a Hombrew QRP + (Wife getting mad at you for the time “wasted”) = Priceless

Why QRP?

QRP allows you to use the least amount of power and achieve the greatest amount of results(mailnly in HF like 40m and stuff). I have seen videos and read blogs about a simple QRP transceiver being able to make a contact thousands of miles away.

Why Homebrew?

Because I like the satisfaction of doing something myself. I find a great pleasure in creating a radio, even though its a copy, and being able to say that I made it.

Homebrewing also lets me learn how to assemble something. For example, go ahead and google “michigan mighty mite”. This is one of the most simplest transmitters you can make that actually works.

My Homebrew QRP

I’m going to build a simple QRP rig in CW mode. I am really excited about it and I am planning on taking you guys along for the ride. Come back soon because I will have an update to my QRP CW Rig.






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