DIY Moxon Antennas and LPI

I found this blog while browsing the interwebz. This guy looks like he knows his stuff and is definitely worth checking out.



Concerning local networks and infrastructure in the Survivalist communications realm, it’s vastly important to recognize the assets provided by Low Power, also known as QRP, and highly directional antennas to both focus our radiation pattern along the azimuth or direction we want it to travel and to make the very most out of our transmitting power. Because of these reasons, directional gain antennas such as Yagis and Moxons are very important to know how to build and rapidly field. Omni-directional (radiates in every direction) antennas such as the Jungle antenna described in this blog before are great for fixed position signals, such as a hasty TOC, but offer no directivity and thus very little security. Directional antennas on the other hand offer inherent security from a potential eavesdropper having to be in between the transmission path to be able to intercept-

thus the term, Low(er) Probability of Interception, or LPI.

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