How to Build a Wood Crate for $1.50

Can you make a Wood Crate for $1.50? Sure you can. This is how you do it.

Go to craigslist and look for free pallets in your area. I found at least 3 places that were giving them away. Just make sure that slabs of wood on the pallet are in good condition. I personally grabbed two, but I will go back for more soon. Go to HomeDepot and buy a pack of nails for $1.50. I bought some glue as well but this is optional. Now comes the hardest part; breaking down the pallet to get your wood. I’m sure you can figure out how to do this.

Start the Assembly

Lets start by gathering our tools and cutting all of the pieces needed down to size.

Wood glue is optional and the size of the nails depends on how thick your wood is.
Cut seven slabs 20 inches long.
Cut two slabs 10 inches long. This will serve as the base for the crate.
Cut four slabs 14 inches long
Cut six slabs about 4 inches long.

Making the base


Grab three 20 inch pieces and your two 10 inch pieces for the base plate and square them up and nail them down. Make sure each 20 inch slab is nailed to the 10 inch piece.

Making the long side of the walls

Use two 20 in slabs and two little 4 inch blocks. Nail them together and making sure there are nails in each slab. YOU NEED TO DO THIS TWICE!! YOU NEED TWO WALLS!!

Making the shorter walls

Use the 14 in. slabs and one 4 in. piece. Nail them together. DO THIS TWICE AS WELL!!

Dry Fitting

Notice that the shorter walls are on the outside and the base plates on floor are facing the floor.

Begin Nailing

Note: If you are going to use wood glue, apply it first, then nail the walls together.

Start by nailing the longer walls to the base of the crate.
Make sure that it is square with the floor of the crate and not the legs. This allows you to nail the whole length of the wall.

Note: I didn’t show the shorter walls but you get the idea. Make sure it is squared away. Remember, the shorter walls will fit right into place after you assemble the longer walls first.

Adding Some Custom Handles

I have a some OD Green paracord lying around so I decided to add some simple handles to the crate. 20161211_114006

I drilled two small holes somewhere near the top about 5 inches apart from each other.
Make a few knots on the inside so that the paracord doesn’t slip through.

Finished Product

I made this because I needed a way to keep some basic tools in the back of my Mini van. It only cost me about $1.50 to make and it is pretty sweet if I do say so myself. More cool things like this to come.




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