Ganzo G726M Review


In a nutshell, the Ganzo G726M is a budget friendly, everyday carry knife that will serve you well on everyday tasks. It looks good, performs well, and the price? Well, I bought mine for less than $10.

First Impressions

I was very impressed and completely satisfied when I unboxed this knife. It didn’t weigh as much as I expected it to weigh. The handle gives this knife a really nice grip. The blade on the knife for some reason looks “cooler” in person. And as for the box it came in, it didn’t look at all like a “Chinese” box.

The blade comes razor sharp.


  • Closed Length: 4.25 inches
  • Opened Length: 7.50 inches
  • Blade Length: 3.48 inches
  • Handle Length: 4.25 inches
  • Blade Material: 440c
  • Weight: 4.16 ounces


The Ganzo G726 is a folding knife that uses the Axis Lock as the locking mechanism. The Axis Lock is typically found on the Benchmade knives. The handle material wasn’t listed but most Ganzo knives use G-10 for the handles. Regardless, it still offers nice grippy texture when you hold it in your hand. The handle also has really nice jimping and a finger groove to allow you to get a firm grip on the knife. The blade is made of 440c which is good enough to provide a usable knife blade for everyday use. The blade was razor sharp out of the box and required no additional sharpening. The pocket clip is sturdy as well. On a backpacking trip, I placed this knife in my back pocket and the knife never slipped out of my pocket.The thumb studs allow you to open the knife with one hand either left or right handed. Ganzo also provided a lanyard hole that I can put some paracord through.

It has a sturdy pocket clip and a lanyard hole.


This is a basic EDC knife. A knife that you can use on an everyday basis. It won’t cause a scene if you pull this knife out to cut a box open or do some food preparation at a BBQ. Being that the knife only weighs 4oz, it is light enough to ride in your front pocket and you will hardly notice it’s there. I wouldn’t suggest that you wear this knife with slacks because it might be a little uncomfortable. But you should be fine with either jeans or work pants.

This knife went with me on a backpacking trip where I used it as a backup blade and I will definitely take this knife out on my next hiking trips.

The jimping is not aggressive, but it does provide extra grip.


Now this is exciting! I found this knife on for $7.68. Unfortunately, the knife is no longer that price, but, you can pick it up for $14.75. That is still a deal. You can also wait and see if it goes on sale again.

*Here is a tip: if you google: gearbest coupon, you can usually find a 9% off plus free shipping.


Where Can You Buy The Ganzo G726?

By clicking on this link, you can buy the Ganzo G726 and, you will be helping me out a little bit. I bought the green version, but they also come with black handles and orange handles.

So, I recommend this knife to anyone who wants a utility blade. This is not a knife that you treat like a princess. You will treat this knife like a tool. It is a knife that you can trust and that will go with you everywhere you go.



  1. Finally the review you hinted at. It’s good to see you post again. Cool looking knife! And nice review… to the point and helpful.


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