Summer EDC 2016: Ganzo and Bic

Now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to go to the park and BBQ. This is just a random post of some random pictures I took a few days ago.

Ganzo G727: My New Favorite

This is sneak peak at my new favorite knife. I will post a review soon, so come back to check it out. If you like this knife, check it out by clicking this link. At the moment the knife is only $11.39.20160630_17434220160630_172955

Bic Lighter Mod

Obviously, we needed a lighter to start the fire, and I brought with me my trusty old Bic Lighter. As you can see, I added some duct tape around it. Now, I have a way of making fire, and fixing something that needs repair.


Knife and Fire


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This path that is to the right, leads to a really nice campground.

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