DIY LED Flashlight: How to make an homemade LED Flashlight

Do you want to make a LED Flashlight that will give you instant illumination no matter the situation?

You can probably find all of these components around your house, if not, ebay will be a good source for buying the items. For about $5, you can make about 25 of these flashlights. You can keep a few in the car, throw some in your bug out bag, or give them away to family and friends.

Now, lets start by gathering some materials. You will need:

  1. 2032 Coin Cell Battery
  2. LED
  3. Electrical Tape (Opional)

That’s it! Follow these easy steps and you will have an LED flashlight in no time.

Building It

First, grab your 2032 battery and make sure that you remove any protective plastic it may have. Keep in mind that all batteries have a positive (+) and negative (-) side to it as pictured below.

2032 Battery with the positive side (+)

Next, take your LED. Notice that it has two legs and one of them is longer than the other. This can be considered as positive (+) and negative (-).

*The longer leg is the positive.


Here comes the assembly. Take the positive leg of the LED and touch it to the positive side of the battery. You will do the same for the negative side.


To insure that they don’t come apart, add the electrical tape

And there you go! You should have an instant LED flashlight.

If your flashlight did not work, try switching sides of the battery because you might have used the wrong side.


You might be asking yourself how it performed. Well, I left it on from 9pm to about 7am and it was still working. I think that is pretty good for a little emergency flashlight. I also took a picture in the dark so that you can see how bright this flashlight is. I was standing about 3ft away from my dresser.

Bonus Tip #1

Using electrical tape will serve two purposes:

  • It will let your flashlight be continuously on until you remove the LED
  • While off, your flashlight components can be kept together for easy and fast deployment.

Bonus Tip #2

  • Adding a piece of string makes this little flashlight into a necklace!
  • I used this recently on a stargazing event I went to and it worked just fine.20160617_101443

So there it is, an easy DIY LED Flashlight. The cool thing about these is that you can easily assemble them and they are so small that you can put it inside your Altoids Survival Kit or as a backup flashlight in your backpack.



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