Hiking Checklist

Hiking Checklist.jpg

Are you confused as to what to bring on a your next hiking trip?

I put together a quick Hiking Checklist to make things a little easier for you. Skip the long Youtube videos and long Blogs on the internet. Here it is:

I also included a printable version of this list on the bottom of this page.


  • Backpack


      • Any backpack will work as long it can fit all of your gear inside.
      • A backpack like the  REI Flash 22 is a great Hiking Pack.
      • If you feel like a backpack is too much, consider a waistpack.


  • Food/Water


      • 1 Liter of water depending on the weather and duration of the hike.You can compliment your water intake with some Gatorade.
      • Energy bars, fruits and nuts, beef jerky. Stay away from complete meals that can put you in a food comatose!
      • *Note: It is important to bring an extra days worth of food just in case.



  • Hat/Sunscreen


      • A hat with some sort of a viser. I recommend a hat with a large brim.
      • Sunscreen with 50 SPF should work well.


  • First Aid Kit


      • Bandaids, gauze pads, pain killers, personal medication.
      • Self-Stick Moleskin is great for blisters.


  • Tools


      • Pocket Knife: The Ganzo G727M is a budget friendly choice
      • Multitool: ex; Leatherman Rebar or Victorinox Swiss Champ
      • Trekking Poles
      • Cordage: 550 Paracord works well for almost anything.


  • Shelter


      • Emergency blanket or Rain Poncho
      • Lightweight Tarp or the SOL Emergency Shelter Kit is a great option


  • Fire


      • At least 2 forms of making fire.
      • Waterproof Matches, Lighter and Fire tinder (cotton balls work great)


  • Flashlight


      • Coast G19, Streamlight Stylus Pro, Fenix E05 are lightweight options


  • Communication


    • Whistle
    • Ham Radio (Baofeng UV-5R+)


  • Map and Compass
    • TOPO Maps allow you to see the terrain that you are hiking.


All of these items should accompany you on your next hiking trip. They wont weigh you down and they will have you ready just in case an unforeseen emergency occurs. Enjoy and Happy Hiking!

Printable Hiking Checklist


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