DIY: How to Pass the Ham Radio Exam

Pass the Ham Radio Exam

I wanted to share with you guys some easy steps you can take to pass the Ham Radio License Exam (Technician Element 2). I personally prepared in the same way that I have it laid out and I got 100% on the Exam. 

  1. Find a local place where weekly exams are given and plan on attending in the next two weeks.
    • The Exam will cost you $15; give or take depending if there are any other fees involved.
    • This Test can not be taken online. It must be taken in person.
  2. Download the question pool for free. Just click here for the PDF version.
    • You can download the .doc version if you want to edit the font or size.
  3. Divide the question pool into six sections and study one section a day
    • If you study one section a day, you can potentially pass the test on the 7th day.
    • Sit down each day for 45 min. This is enough time to read one section three times over. This is critical to passing the test. You must read the question pool three times. Doing so, you are memorizing the answer and when you take the test, you will know the answers.
    • Read only the question and the correct answer. This is key to studying for the test. The question pool has the correct answer in parenthesis next to the question. So, read the question, look at the correct answer only, and move on. Once you read through one section in this manner, do it two more times.

      ham test
      The letter “C” is the correct answer. So, you will read the question, read ONLY the correct answer, and move on.
    • Example:
      • Day 1: Read “Section 1” 3 times in 45 min.
      • Day 2: Read “Section 2” 3 times in 45 min.
      • Etc…..
  4. Take Practice Exams
    • I would recommend that you take practice test everyday after you study. What this will do is get you familiar with the questions and the test gives you the correct answer. Each practice test has 35 questions.
    • Ham Test Prep (Android App)
  5. Take the test
    • Sleep well the night before
    • Eat a healthy breakfast.
    • Relax!
    • The test in only 35 questions. They will grade it immediately and tell you whether you passed of failed. I trust that you will pass if you follow this instructions.

That’s all there is to it. Following these easy steps you will be a Ham Radio Operator. You have to wait for your call sign to appear in the FCC Database before you can operate. My call sign showed up after about a week,and my brother was lucky enough to have his call sign the very next day.


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