EDC a Pocket Knife: Practical EDC

Pocket Knife

History of My EDC Knife

When I was about 18 years, I remember carrying a little Smith & Wesson pocket knife every where I went. To this day I actually still have it. It’s a really cool knife because it’s small, discreet, and at that time, it cost me less than $10. I remember looking at my knife like a tool. It wasn’t to look for trouble or anything like that. Simply, a tool I could use on a daily basis.

What I Carry Today

Today, I still carry one of two knives. I have a Kershaw Cryo and a Benchmade Griptilian. I like the Kershaw because it is small and leaves virtually no footprint in my pocket if I am wearing slacks or khakis. I also like the Benchmade because it has a really nice blade and it is lighter than my Kershaw even though its bigger. I like to use this knife on the weekends and when I go especially when I go hiking.

kersha cryo
This is my Kershaw Cryo

Practical Uses of a Knife

There are tons of uses for knife you carry on your person daily.

  • Food Preparation
  • Opening boxes
  • Cutting a loose strands off of clothing
  • Opening a letter
  • Prying
  • Self-Defense

The list can go on but this gives you a rough idea why it is beneficial to carry a knife on a daily basis.

My recent experience

Just recently, I went to a New Years Eve Church Service that ended a little before midnight. I went out to the car to put my son in the back seat. I could here that it was Midnight because fireworks and gun shots started to go off. Before I knew it, I had to Pitbulls that ran up to me barking as if they were going to attack. They stopped about 3 feet away from me as their owner came out of his house yelling at his dogs to stop. I noticed that the dogs would not retreat and by nature I pulled out my knife, opened it and waited. I wasn’t going to use my knife unless the dogs starting biting me. As I was backed into a my car, my knife was still in my hand and I saw that the owner was close enough to the dogs. He grabbed them by the collar and pulled them away into his house.

Moral of the Story

Always Carry a Knife. In the same way you would carry a key chain because of its practicality, I would submit to you that you should carry some sort of a knife as well. Even a small Victorinox Classic SD would be fine. The point is to carry a knife because you never know when you might need it.




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