Baofeng UV-5R Range Test

Baofeng Range Test

Tactical Briefing

Location: Southern California Desert
Equipment: Baofeng UV-5R
Power: 1 Watt
Elevation: ~ 2,600 ft.

This is a quick and Tactical demonstration of the range capability of the Baofeng UV-5R radios. My brother and I wanted to do some light hiking and test out our radios with the stock antennas. We had a light breakfast, grabbed our bags and headed for the hills.

We started off by hiking up a small hill where my station would be, Station 1. He pointed out to me that he was heading to the next hill that was about 3 miles away where he would be operating Station 2. Here you can see approximately where he was.

Station 1 and 2

As he was driving away, he used his Baofeng BF-F8 HP that was featured on my Tactical Baofeng Mobile Hack switched over to his handheld when he started to climb the hill. At one point, while I was trying to find higher ground, I went behind some boulders that were about 15 feet tall and maybe 6 feet wide and my RX from Station 2 was unreadable.

Here you can see that Station 2 was using a “Rat Tail” or Counterpoise. It is a pretty nice upgrade to increase signal on your radio.

Baofeng UV-5R Station 2

That same weekend we drove to an urban environment in separate vehicles and took our radios with us. We could copy each other just fine even when we were out of sight. I would say that we started to lose communication when we were about a mile away from each other. We switched over from 2m to 70cm when we were in the city surrounded by all of the tall buildings.

With the recent contacts I have made in a city environment, I would say that you can probably have right around 2 miles of readable communication with these Baofeng Radios.

I want to highly recommend these Baofeng Radios. For the price and performance, they are a really good choice. I hope to do more radio test in the future. I plan to take this radio with my Roll Up Slim Jim up in the hills where I live, and try to make as many Simplex contacts as possible so come back soon for that post. Until then, Maranatha.



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