DIY: 2m Tape Measure Yagi Antenna

DIY 2m Tape Measure Yagi Antenna
DIY: Tape Measure Yagi

This is going to be a quick tutorial on how to build an inexpensive, but very effective Yagi Antenna for the 2m band. I am copying a design made by NT1K with a couple of changes. You can find his design here.



  • About 3-4 ft. of 1/2 inch Sched PVC Pipe
  • 1/2 in. Sched 40 PVC Tee (1)
  • 1/2 in. Sched. 40 PVC Cross Tee (2)
  • 1/2 in, slip on PVC Cap
  • Tape Measure (10ft.)
  • Hose Clamps (6)
  • Coax Cable (3-4ft.)
  • 5 in. of 12AWG wire

Tools Requiered

  • Soldering Iron and solder
  • Screwdriver
  • Hand Saw

Step 1

Start by cutting your PVC pipe into three lengths. Cut one piece into 5 inches, another into 7 inches, and the last piece into 11.5 inches.

Step 2

Cut your tape measure to length.

The Reflector will be 41.37″ inches.

The Director will be 35.12″ inches.

The Driven Element will be 17.75″ inches; you will need (2) pieces this length.

Step 3

For safety reasons, round off the edges of the tape measure to prevent injuries.

Rounded Edges

Step 4

Prepare the Driven Element for soldering by sanding off about 1/2 inch of the yellow coating on the tape measure.


Step 5

Assemble the PVC and all the fittings. This is where you will need a screwdriver to hold the Tape Measure in place. You can also use glue at this point to hold all of the fittings together.

Assembled in detail

Step 6

Solder your coax to the driven elements. As you can see, I added a zip tie to hold the coax in place.

solder coax to driven elements

Step 7

Grab your 5 inch piece of solid wire and bend it in half and solder it on top of the coax cable.

Hairpin Match

Now your antenna is complete. I added a SMA female connector to the other side of the cable to fit my Baofeng UV-5RA. Here is the completed antenna.

Completed 2m Yagi Antenna

****Note: I added a couple of turns on the coax around the PVC to act as a RF choke. Although, I have seen videos where they leave this step out and it seems to work just fine. I am adding a couple of cosmetic and ergonomic upgrades to this build so please come back to see my updated antenna.


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