Baofeng UV-5RA Cosmetic Mod: Easy DIY

Don’t like the shiny look of your Baofeng UV-5RA? Neither do I. To me, the UV-5RA has always looked better than the UV-5R. The UV-5RA looks a little bit more professional to me. The only thing that I dislike is the shiny, grayish face plate it came with. But, that is an easy fix.

Before After

Materials Needed

  • Fine Grit Sandpaper
  • Hex Screwdriver
  • Flat Black Spray Paint


  1. Remove the four screws that hold the face plate.
  2. Sand the front of the face plate and remove the shiny coat it has.
  3. Rinse the face plate with water to remove all debris. Then dry.
  4. Once dry, spray even coats of Flat Black. I used Rustoleam Flat Black.
  5. Let out to dry for a couple of hours.
  6. Screw the face plate and there you have it.

This is a real easy mod and it adds a real “Pro Grade” look to your radio.


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