The Ultimate Knife Saver

The Ultimate Knife Saver

What in the world is a Knife Saver?

I just wanted to give a quick background as to why the mini pry bar is The Ultimate Knife Saver.  For a while the only real tools I had was a couple of screwdrivers, my Leatherman, and my Kershaw Cryo. Somehow, I managed to finish a lot of projects around our home with only those tools.

How the Ultimate Knife Saver can help?

A while ago, I was removing an old shelf my wife didn’t want anymore. I can’t remember if it was screwed in or nailed in. The point is, I decided to use the tip of my knife to remove what was stuck. I didn’t realize what had happened until the next day. I noticed that the tip of my knife was bent and that part of it had chipped. I was upset that I had damaged my blade. I believe that a knife should be used and not treated like a princess, but each knife has a task limit.

I finally came across The Ultimate Knife Saver aka “Mini Pry Bar”. This would have totally worked better than my knife, and, my knife would still be in good condition. I bought a couple of these and wrapped some paracord around them for a better grip.The paracord also allows me to hang it on my keychain and have it as part of my EDC.


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