Tactical Baofeng Mobile Hack

I have to admit……….When I saw this setup, I was totally surprised. It has it all from the Battery Eliminator, to the Mag-Mount Antenna. This is a setup that is tactically assembled. And to be honest, I wouldn’t expect anything else from my brother.

As I was driving up to my brothers home, I noticed that his Earth-Tone Truck had a long mag-mount antenna on its roof. I knew then that he must have a pretty sweet setup inside. I had no idea what kind of radio he had but from recent conversations we had and the style of antenna, I knew it was a Ham Radio.

The photograph that I have here is pretty much self explanatory, but I would like to go over the setup so that you can see the tacticalicity of it.

8w details

Starting from the top, he has a 12v, cigarette plug splitter with an added USB 2.0 charging port. This will split his in-dash 12v plug and give him 2 plugs. It is pretty nice because he can charge his phone, use the battery eliminator, and still have one more 12v plug for another 12v device.

Next, he has a Nagoya UT-106 Magmount Antenna. It is connected to the antenna jack and has approximately 9ft. of RG-174 cable that runs out to the top of his truck roof.

Moving on, he has a Battery Eliminator for the Radio. It’s basically a power supply that replaces the battery and is powered as long as the truck is turned on. The Radio requires 8.7v I think, and the truck provides 12v, so I am assuming that there is some sort of step down converter in there somewhere.

We then have the radio itself. It is the Baofeng BF-F8HP. This is the official radio that Baofeng has released that has three power settings; 1w, 3w, and 8w. I am not too familiar on the other new features but I’m sure you can find it somewhere on the internet.

Next up, the Speaker Mic. These little things are awesome I personally own one of these and I can confirm that the audio on this speaker mic is just as good, if not better than the on board speaker from the HT itself. Now, in conjunction with the speaker mic, my brother had a coiled AUX cord going from the speaker mic, to his stereo. What this does, is it sends the audio signal you are receiving from your HT, to the sound system of the car. This is a nice little feature because lets say that you are in a noisy environment, or maybe on a freeway and the speaker mic just isn’t loud enough, you can now control the volume with your car stereo and have much better volume than the speaker mic can offer.

Again, I was surprised that a small little HT could be hacked to become a “semi-high” powered Ham Radio. This definitely had me thinking to do the same if especially since I am restrained by the size of a small Honda Accord. Maranatha


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