2m Slim Jim Antenna: Deployment


I went to the park a few days ago and I decided to test out my homebrew 2m Antenna. Even though I built the antenna a long time ago, I haven’t had the time to go out and try it. First things first. This antenna is awesome. It can roll up to fit in a backpack and it can be deployed as a base antenna. I made it mainly to put in a small 2m HT go bag i am putting together.

I added a ring terminal to the top of the antenna. This is where I am going to tie one end of the paracord. On the other end of the paracord, I tied a rock to throw over a branch that was about 15 feet in height. I have to admit that the rock I chose wasn’t heavy enough so my brother in law volunteered to tie his water bottle and throw that over the branch. Behold, it worked. Thanks Ben! I will post a tutorial on how to build the antenna in a later post. This is a simple and easy way to get maximum height for a better signal when you’re on the go.

Update: I have been using 550 Paracord for this Field Ready system. I have been considering a thinner paracord like 95lb Paracord. Also, I think that using some sort of a nylon rope would snag less on a tree or branch.


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