Field Day 2015: Northern California

This was my first time attending Field Day. It was awesome. I had a hard time locating these guys because they were in a 43 acre public park. After about 45 minutes of walking around…………

1st Ham Station finally found them.

Close up of 1st Ham StationThese guys we nice enough to let me photograph their station. I guess in a way they actually encourage it. One of the reasons why they setup their stations in a public environment is so that people can ask what it is they are doing.

The first guy I talked to told me that “just up that hill” is the GOTA, Get On The Air, Station. He asked me if I wanted to make a contact. I told him that I do not have a licence to operate and he assured me that its okay to operate on this day.

GOTA Station 20mThis is where the GOTA Station was. If you look closely right in between the two trees, you can see the antenna that is hoisted p about 20ft in the air.

There was a guy using the GOTA Station when I got there, He saw that I wanted to get on the air and was kind enough to give me his slot.

GOTAThis is the fine gentleman that was going to teach me how to get on the air..I think his name is Fred.


20150627_120413This was Fred’s Log Sheet on his laptop.

ContactI finally made a contact with some Ham in Nevada. I was super excited.

Here are just some random pictures………






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